XP policies

Character logs XP bonus

Players who provide an in-character log on this Wiki for a game session will be granted 10% of Encounter XPs as a reward. Quest XPs won't be included when calculating bonus XP. The log has to be done prior to the next session in order to qualify for the XP bonus. Logs can be done in French or English.

Note: Due to the levelling up policy, any bonus XP will be given at the end of the next session.
Example: After session 1, you write an in-character log. You will receive 10% of the XP from session 1 at the end of session 2.

Wiki maintenance XP bonus

Alternatively, a player can help maintain and expand the campaign's Wiki. The bonus XP for that task will be between 5% and 10%, depending on the volume of the work done. It is given instead, not in addition, to the bonus XPs for character logs. If the added material is about the size of a character log, it will qualify for the full 10%. Total bonus XP will remain 10% per session maximum.

Example: You played 6 sessions and made logs for sessions 1, 3, 4 and 6. You receive 10% bonus XPs for the encounters from each of these four sessions. If you add material to the Wiki or help maintain the Wiki, you may receive XP bonuses equivalent to the bonuses received by other players for logs on sessions 2 and 5. But at no time can you receive more bonus XP than 10% total XP received.

What you can do on the Wiki:

  1. Maintenance (max 5% XP bonus):
    1. Maintain links (correct broken links, add links on words that should point to existing pages, etc…)
    2. Correct typos
  2. World building (5%-10% XP bonus):
    1. Add backstory related to your character's background
    2. Add or maintain existing pages with data that hasn't been added yet
    3. Add interesting backstory for things that has not been touched upon yet (ideas for new organisations, discertations on the ecology of certain monsters, and so on)

I believe world building is a collaborative process. While all world building efforts have to be DM approved (for Wiki inclusion and bonus XPs), unless your work directly contradicts known campaign information, or runs contrary to campaign secrets I have already designed and are not yet known to players, I will almost certainly accept it. The goal is to create a shared world in which to play.

In general it is more likely that I will accept submissions that have direct impacts on your backstory or character's motivations.

Death, new characters and XPs

In case of death, your new character will start with the XP of your last character minus the XP bonuses for character logs. In order to qualify for those bonus XPs on your new character, you will have to provide a detailed background for your new character on the campaign's Wiki prior to the first full game session your character plays in.

Example: Your character dies in a game session, and you create a new character to replace him for the rest of that session that starts with the number of XPs your old character had minus bonus XPs. You must provide a detailed background for the next session to qualify for the bonus XPs your old character had earned, or otherwise lose them.

Absence XP penalty

In case of absence, you must name another player to play your character. The character will receive only 75% of XPs for the session. In general a session will only happen when all have agreed to a date and time, as such this penalty only happens in the case where someone does not show up on the agreed day of the game session.

Note: If the absence was due to an emergency, work on the campaign's Wiki may offset the XP penalty at the discretion of the DM. The goal here is to motivate people to show up when they agreed to show up, not to penalize people when real life gets into the way of gaming.

XP policies

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