Royal Church

The Royal Church is the official religion of Thuradax. It was founded in the old days of the Khoradin empire. It is an association of the Moradin and Erathis clergy. Both of these gods are revered by the populace as part of a single pantheon.

The major tenets of the church are

  • Respect for ancestors
  • Respect for order and tradition
  • Build a lasting legacy. Tame the wild, create wealth or new techniques and advances, and leave a mark on the world

"Wealth, fame and honor is a demonstration of the gods' favor. Do not begrudge those who are successful, as they are the Chosen. Instead, show more piety and work harder. As you do so, you will also become part of the Chosen and receive your reward here and in the afterlife."
- High Priest Toralin's Empire Day Sermont

Royal Church

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