Red Fist

The Red Fist is an organisation of disaffected bondsmen and vagabonds, sometimes also garnering sympathy from some freemen. They strongly oppose the Guilds and the authorities of the city. Their actions consist of leafletting, vandalism and fomenting worker strikes. Some cells have also participated in riots and the occasional kidnapping or armed robbery. They demand the immediate dissolution of all bonds contracts, the expropriation of guild property and the reorganisation of the Guilds as separate trade organisations, of which all artisans in one trade are automatically members and thus part owners of guild property.

"The red stands for the blood of our brothers, our sisters, our parents, our friends. Those who died working or of the effects of work and never received their due.

The fist stands for our hands, these hands who never ceased working. The hands we tried to extend in friendship and that got burned, or slapped away. We close them now in order to strike them to the face of our oppressors."
- Our Struggle, by Darkhan of Thuradax

"You call me impious and a blasphemer. I say to you you are the true blasphemers, because you claim in one breath that your gods love us and yet in another breath defend the slavers and curse the poor who cannot find a morsel to eat. If the gods allowed this travesty they would be monsters unfit of our worship. It is because I respect the gods that I assume they are merely powerless to change the world. It becomes thus mortals' responsability to do so, and not to waste breath on prayers to those beings who are at best useless and at worst monstrous."
- Darkhan of Thuradax, at his trial on grounds of blasphemy against the Royal Church. He was found guilty and condemned to exile.

Red Fist

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