Miners Range

Miners Range is a mountain range in the Outlands near Thuradax. It is named thus because of the high quantity of ore found in the region, including gold, silver, adamantium, iron, and more.

The region is extremely wild and dangerous, numerous tribes of orcs and worse creatures rampaging around threatening any permanent settlements. However, a veritable Ore Rush has resulted in many bondsmen and freemen from Thuradax flowing into the region to work as prospectors or miners. Many of these poor folks live lives so wretched in Thuradax that they would rather risk monster raids and hope for riches.

Almost the entire region is owned by Guild Kapatrin, an ambitious guild that risked a lot by investing in the region and who have reaped great fruits from that risk. Guild Kapatrin hires mercenaries and adventurers to keep the peace in the region, and has petitionned Thuradax for militia troops under the pretext of securing the region, but thus far no troops have been provided.

Settlements in the region:

Miners Range

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