Magical thrown weapons

The rules in the Player's Handbook mention that:

  1. Thrown weapons that are magical automatically return to your hand after being thrown
  2. A character using an area attack that use thrown or projectile weapons (like the Rogue's Blinding Barrage) needs to have sufficient ammo to do so
  3. If multiple weapons are thrown, the time for drawing them is assumed to be part of the action used to activate the power (i.e. you do not need to do a minor action for each thrown weapon)

The combination of all these rules lead to ambiguity on what should happen when magical thrown weapons are used in area attacks. I am thus house ruling that thrown weapons return to hand as part of the area attack power, and thus that a single magical dagger, for instance, would be enough ammunition to use Blinding Barrage.


  1. At higher levels, a character that uses thrown weapon would be severely disadvantaged compared to other characters if he can't factor his attack bonus in all his attacks during an area attack
  2. Projectile weapon users get to apply their magical weapon's bonus to all their attacks, because it is not the ammo that is considered magical but the bow/crossbow/sling/etc.
  3. While this means projectile weapon users will still need to spend money on ammo while throwing weapon users won't, I consider that the costs at high levels will be minimal.
  4. In any case, a Rogue throwing a magical dagger already never runs out of daggers due to the dagger auto-returning as long as he sticks to single target attacks. This is just a generalization of this principle.

The counterpart of this rule is that even if a character owns multiple magical thrown weapons (multiple magical daggers, say), I will only allow one weapon to be used for all the attacks in the area attack. I do not wish to open the door to maximizing each individual attack based on which dagger would be more useful against which enemy, as that would slow down the game too much.

Magical thrown weapons

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