Izbark is a small settlement about 5 days travel to the west of Thuradax. Established in a valley next to a natural spring, it is travelers and merchants' last safe stop on their trip heading toward Thuradax thru the mountains. Most inhabitants are freemen trying to make a living far from the guilds influence.

Priests sits on the city council as the local authority. A local sheriff is elected by citizens.

A few inns and markets offer travelers basic hospitality and represent the best business opportunity for locals. There are many mercenary groups in Izbark as well. Most of them offer travelers to escort them to Thuradax, or make a living doing guilds dirty jobs out of Thuradax or working for the local sheriff in a makeshift militia. Some inhabitants try to make a living out of farming or raising animals such as goats but they barely generate enough food to feed their families.

Many exiled criminals come to Izbark lying about their identity since they can easily blend into the crowd of travelers passing by. For that reason, local authorities have a hard time controlling criminal activites, leading some local vigilantes to fight crime themselves.


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