Lord Mayor Turdek Thuradin

The current Lord Mayor of Thuradin.


Turdek Thoradin was elected Lord Mayor by the Guild Council only ten years ago at the fairly young age of 19. The previous Lord Mayor was his father, Lord Mayor Khalin Thoradin. Khalin Thoradin was ousted from his post by the Guild Council due to apparent insanity, which marked the first time in known history of a Lord Mayor being elected prior to the previous Lord Mayor's death.

Turdek Thoradin was known as a mostly likeable child, but naive and easily manipulated. His first two years of reign were marred by rumors that he was but a puppet of the Guild Council. However, on the third year of his reign he suddenly became an entirely different man. One of his first actions was the further liberalisation of the religious laws of the city, a process his father had started during his own reign. He also founded within the militia a new regiment known as the Talon, whose purpose is to primarily attack the problem of corruption and organized crime within the slums of Thieves Den. Coupled with generous aid to the city's poor, this has resulted in him being one of the most well liked Lord Mayor in the poorest sections of the city in living memory. He is, however, earning the ire of some of the most powerful clans and Guilds of the city, as well as some of the more rigid sections of the Moradin and Erathis churches.

Lord Mayor Turdek Thuradin

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