Dragonborn mercenary warlord


Patrim grew up in Izbar. He comes from a loving Dragonborn family who valued martial values such as honor, pride and respect. He was teach his race history, religion and military heritage by his parents at a very young age. He understood fast how gods’ good will and order ruled the world. He also knew that chaos, evilness and sin were aberrations he would have to fight one day.

As a kid, he was compassionate and kind to others. Even though his look and his large stature might have scared other kids, he didn’t have a hard time making friends. He always liked to play sports, and he would often be picked as a team captain.

When tournaments were held in Izbar, Patrim would always assist to them. That’s where he met Chromos, a intelligent Tiefling who competed in these tournaments. Patrim mostly respected his bravery and honor in combat. Little did they know, they became best friends.

At the age of sixteen, like his father before him, Patrim recruited young mercenaries to start his own company. That same year, Chromos left Izbar with not much explanation. He only mentioned that he was seeking a new meaning for his life.

Patrim’s company was not particularly famous among the many mercenaries offering their services in Izbar. Nonetheless, they did manage to make a decent living and get the attention of a Thuradax militia officer. This Dragonborn officer was looking for someone to marry his daughter. They visited Patrim and his parents in Izbar to make agreements.  The future couple instantly fell for each other and it was agreed that the couple would be united the next summer. Patrim would then have to move to Thuradax with his wife and a job in the militia would be available for him if he wished to enroll.

Meanwhile, Chromos came back to Izbar with 4 Tiefling companions. He explained to Patrim how he changed his name to Purity. He believed he had to purify his bloodline by fighting evil forces and leading his fellows on that path. He said that he came back to Izbar to eliminate a evil worshipper who lead a group of Tiefling merchants to fall to their dark side.

Purity hired Patrim and his men to fight him but he fled in the mountains.  Purity went after him with the remaining men but Patrim couldn’t leave with them. He had to honor his family and leave for Thuradax to meet his destiny.

On the road to Thuradax he had plenty of time to think about his place in the militia, but he had other ambitions in mind… becoming an adventurer.


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