Streets of Thuradax

Sur une piste...

Père, mère, 

Je vous écris cette lettre pour vous faire part de mon arrivée à Thuradax. A peine installé, mon beau-père m'a convoqué dans une taverne un peu sombre pour me confié une noble mission. La milice a besoin de mes services clandestins afin de trouver des informations sur un syndicat qui oeuvre depuis peu dans les bas fonds de la ville.

À ma grande surprise, mon beau-père à peine parti, la taverne où nous nous trouvions fut la scene d'une violente attaque par un groupe de brigands. Avec l'aide de groupe de clients, nous nous sommes empressés de prêtter main forte au tenancier de la taverne.  Ces trois aventuriers se sont montrés valeureux et ont brillament combattus bien que nous étions en sous nombre.

Lorsque le tenancier nous a demandé de secourir sa fille enlevée par les brigands, nous nous sommes naturellement associés pour faire ce qui était juste. Je sais reconnaître la valeur des hommes et des femmes que je rencontre et, bien qu'ils prétendent ne faire cette mission que pour l'argent, ils n'ont pas hésité à faire ce qui doit être fait.

Nous avons donc enquêté sur ce groupe de brigands et de nombreux indices me laissent croire qu'il s'agit d'une piste importante pour débuter la mission qui m'a été confié.

Une fois dans leur repère, un sombre temple abandonné et en décrépitude, nous avons trouvé la fille du tenancier qui avait déjà réussi à s'évader. Elle nous a confié sont appartenance à un groupe de prétendus justiciers et nous a guidé vers d'autres prisonniers. Leur état m'a un peu inquiété, il semble que les brigands les gardaient pour un étrange traffique d'esclaves.

Je devais aller plus loin pour en savoir plus, mais je ne faisais pas vraiment confiance à cette jeune rebelle. Je lui ai donc ordonné de partir avec les autres prisonniers secourus pendant que nous confrontions le reste des brigands.

Le combat fut difficile mais les adversaires n'étaient pas de taille contre mes valeureux associés et moi.

Les brigands ont avoués leur appartenance au syndicat lors du combat… nous sommes donc sur la bonne piste.

Session 1 Thorgast

Why can’t they let a dwarf drink in peace?


It all started in that mouldy tavern called the Dragon’s inn. I was sitting by myself finishing my fifth tankard, not minding anyone’s business and slowly trying to get drunk. Not an easy task let me tell you with the watered down piss humans serve in this city… Anyway, since I had no money left I was contemplating a sober and boring night when a bunch of thugs burst in the front door. They went strait for the barman and they started arguing. I wasn’t able to understand what they were saying from the table I was sitting but the barman was obviously being pressured to do something. I guess he refused their offer because next thing I know more thugs start pouring in the tavern. Great! A bar fight! I eagerly joined in and started hitting heads with my trusty war hammer. 5 minutes later and a dozen unconscious bodies on the floor all was quiet again. I then considered prolonging the fight by hitting the pretentious looking Dragonborn or the big cat but the local law enforcers showed up. Everyone was under arrest they said… Yeah right! One angry look and a few intimidating words later they knew better than to argue with a disciple of Kord and left the way they came in. The survivors gathered around the barman. Apparently his daughter got nabbed during the fight and he wanted us the get her back! I briefly considered telling him to fuck off but he then showed us the payment: A war hammer engraved with the symbol of Kord.

All hail the lord of battle for empowering me with his divine tool of war!

What do a Dwarf, a noble wannabe Dragonborn, a black skinned Elf and a red-haired Eladrin with a temper have in common? A missing girl! So we set off to find her.

Apparently the thugs who took her have their headquarters in…I should have guessed it… in the sewers. Why can’t they be based in a brewery or something better smelling…? At least it didn’t take more than a day to find them and clubbing around rats, crocs and kobolts was actually pretty entertaining.

We finally found their hideout: An ancient temple of Kord!

All hail the lord of storms for shining his light even in the darkest corners of the world!

Off course, we weren’t going to enter this sacred place sneaking around like snakes so I banged on the front door a few times to make sure everyone inside was ready to “greet” us.

The welcoming party was rather wimpy. A few thieves and their very disposable henchmen. Nothing a couple of well placed fire spells and hammer strikes couldn’t take care of.

Next door was the girl we were searching for. Turned out she didn’t really need our help since she had already unbounded herself. She said something about being part of a secret group that opposes the guild but I didn’t really understand that part. I was too busy trying to restore the statues of Kord to their former appearance. There was also a couple of humans in the cells which told us the rest of the gang was in the next room. We sent the prisoners and the girl back to the surface while we checked out the last room.

This time we were greeted more properly. At first, we were attacked by a few hobgoblins and their human meat shield but after a few seconds of combat a very pissed off bugbear showed up to beat the crap out of my skull. I don’t remember too well the rest of the battle since after the first hit from the bugbear morning star I had a lot of ringing in my ears and a blurred vision… It didn’t stop me from landing a few well placed hits and they all eventually suffered Kord’s wrath.

After looting the bodies we found a note that seemed to imply that this gang was into the slavery business. Good thing they are now dead since had I known they were slavers I might have taken more time killing them…

Before leaving I left the bugbear’s weapon and a bag of crocs teethes on one of the statues and muttered a prayer. The battle itself had consecrated this temple and I could now leave it in peace.



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