Thuradax, Jewel of the North. Carved centuries ago out of the rock during the glory days of the defunct dwarven empire of Khoradin. Antedating even the now lost Nerath empire. A city of splendor and riches untold, center of trade and enlightenment, ruled by the Guilds Council. But outside the walls of the Old City sprawls out Thieves Den, a shanty town populated by refugees from the monster-infested Outlands, guild bondsmen, and a riff raff of those who prey on the rich and poor alike. In this city, you can find anything you need or desire. As long as you can pay.

You have been drawn by the siren song of this legendary city, seeking fortune and glory. With wits and prowess, you may make it big and live off your life in the luxury of the Old City. Without them, your likely fate is face down in Thieves Den’s gutters.

Streets of Thuradax

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